Patricia Dixon Young(non-registered)
Good luck cousin as you prepare for your journey. Keeping a close eye on your adventure. God bless
Don Barthman(non-registered)
Dale; What a fantastic slide show. It is with out a doubt the best I have seen. Just to think I was a part of it. Thanks again a good luck on all your new adventures.
Patty McLaughlin(non-registered)
Meant to say "even more" at the end of my previous entry :)
Patty McLaughlin(non-registered)
Just viewed your slide show and enjoyed it immensely! And learned even more about you via a biography, which only made me admire your cheerful spunk and determination to enjoy fully the offerings of outdoors and nature.
Papaw Richard Day(non-registered)
Just wanted to take a few minutes and get refreshed thru your images - since I won't get in the wilds today. And, I'm not going to be selfish - I'm gonna share your page. Peace to all who view.
Cody Portie(non-registered)
Great Work Beautiful Pictures! I miss ya'll
Norm Miller(non-registered)
Great photos Dale!!! Keep up the good work!!
beth mcghee from la honda(non-registered)
just beautiful beyond words , and the music to the slideshow took the cake.
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